The Digital Content Team

Our team focuses on improving the understanding and engagement with ONS analysis.

We offer a range of services in data visualisation, journalism, graphic design, content design and social media.

We can help you select the most engaging format for presentation and structure the content to be suitable for all types of audiences, especially those from a non-statistical background, by communicating clearly the strengths and limitations of the data in an accessible, digestible way.

You can contact us at and we will set up a consultation to see how we can best support you.

Our services are broadly:

Improve: Making analysis more understandable and interesting for any user

Read more about the Improve offer for business areas. You will need to be on the ONS network to access this link

Writing support

Visualisation support

Social Media

Alongside producing content for social platforms the social media team also support the tweeting statistician network. Different formats could be a single post, thread, moment or carousel like below.

We also now have an instagram presence. Here are some example posts.

Graphic design

We design content for a range of digital platforms. This could include (but not limited to) graphics and animations for social media channels, development of designs for bespoke interactive website products, distilling complex information into understandable diagrams and flowcharts and contributing to the ONS design system.

Collaborate: Prioritising projects to create citizen-focused content

Co-producing analysis

Interactive tools

Innovate: Inventing new products to help engagement and understanding

These may include elements of:

Novel formats

Our sister team is Publishing, which handles website publication, organisation, and essential publishing operations.

Some projects will fall across more than one team. We will ensure that the people best suited to your content are working on it.

Some formats require a different partnership and publication process. See our guidance on creating a digital content article and making a scrollytelling interactive article.

We can also provide support and guidance on style and word count for statistical bulletins and standard analytical articles.